Increasing Equity in Digital Health

Digital health solutions can address many of the challenges faced by the healthcare sector. However, digital solutions also have the potential to increase inequality within the healthcare system. So, what can be done to develop digital health solutions that do not create increased inequality? Learn more in this masterclass, which is the first module in a series of preparatory activities in Lighthouse Life Science.

This masterclass will introduce companies to the barriers that citizens and patients face regarding digital health solutions.

Participants will receive a concrete method to design solution and product features that minimize these barriers.

WHO defines health equity as: “…the absence of unfair, avoidable, or remediable differences among groups of people … Health equity is achieved when everyone can attain their full potential for health and well-being.”

Successful adoption and equity in digital health require that the tools accurately understand users’ needs and the constraints they face and are developed based on these needs, not on the technology’s potential.

This masterclass is intended, among other things, to prepare applicants for the Lighthouse Life Science open fund, where “health equity” is also a focus. Applicants are therefore encouraged to utilize the methods from this masterclass.

In the masterclass, you will:

  1. Be introduced to a framework for equity in digital health solutions, outlining barriers to digital health based on public health and equity principles.
  2. Have the opportunity to discuss design principles for identifying the barriers users will encounter in using digital health solutions based on the elements of the framework.
  3. Be guided through a concrete template to map a product’s or solution’s features in relation to equity principles and identify features that need improvement to increase access and equity.

During the masterclass, you will receive practical methods on how to combine design principles in the development of health solutions with principles of health equity – to ensure the development of digital health solutions that provide easy and equal access for everyone.


12.45-12.50       Welcome v/ Beth Wolff

12.50-13.20       Introduction to the method v/ Beth Wolff

13.20-13.40       Independent work with the method

13.40-14.00       Plenary recap – questions

This masterclass will be in English and will be held by Beth Wolff from Lundbeck in collaboration with Danish Life Science Cluster. The masterclass is provided by Lighthouse Life Science.


This event is co-funded by the European Union