Prices and terms

Membership in Danish Life Science Cluster costs an annual fee, which is based on the type and size of the applicant. As a member, you can influence the association’s activities and the right to vote at the annual general assembly.*

Annual membership fees

Company 1-9 employees (including start-ups) DKK  3.000
  10-20 employees DKK  6.000
  21-100 employees DKK  12.500
  101-250 employees DKK  25.000
  251 + employees DKK  50.000
Public Institutions Region DKK  50.000
  Municipality less than 100.000 inhabitants DKK  15.000
  Municipality more than 100.000 inhabitants DKK  25.000
  Other public institutions DKK  15.000
Research institution University DKK  50.000
  University College DKK  25.000
  Healthcare college, technical institute or other education department DKK  15.000
Organization Trade association with 1-10 employees DKK  15.000
  Trade association with 11-30 employees DKK  25.000
  Trade association with +30 employees DKK  50.000
  NGO (incl. medical societies and unions) DKK  3.000
  Professional Network & interest organizations. DKK  1.500 or free mutual membershib

The prices are exclusive VAT and set by the board on 5th April 2022.

Annual fee for network members

As a network member, you get access to most of the member services but you do not get voting rights to the annual General Assembly

Company 1-9 employees (including start-ups) DKK  1.500

The prices are exclusive VAT and set by the board on 5th April 2022.

Articles of association

As a member, you influence the association’s activities as you become part of the association, Danish Life Science Cluster. Each member has one vote at the annual general meeting.

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