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Danish Life Science Cluster is a Danish national cluster for life science and welfare technology. We connect partners, drive innovation, and create networks between companies, research institutions, and organizations within life science and welfare technology.

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The Danish Board of Business Development

“The market for Life Science and welfare technology is growing. More individuals around the world can afford better medical care, many are living longer, and more are afflicted with chronic diseases. It creates a large and increasing demand for new and innovative healthcare solutions from the private sector as well as public institutions for the benefit of all patients and a healthcare system under pressure.”

DI Life Science

“Health services make up an increasing share of Danish exports. The share of health products in goods has increased from less than ten percent in 2007 to 22 percent in 2020. The development and export of healthcare services is a Danish position of strength, and the market for healthcare services will increase manyfold in the coming years in line with the demographic increase of elderly people.”

Michael Harbo, Head of Development in Digi Rehab

“I could not have imagined a more rewarding process. You have understood our complex service in record time and set a lot of constructive thoughts in motion. We have seen that even though we have a strong product, the new process makes it exceptionally strong. It has been tremendously inspiring. I hope that we will do more together because it is infinitely valuable to find someone who can push us when we need to be pushed.”