Health-related behavioral design

In this Circular Co-Creation project – Health-related behavioral change – we focus on two key elements when developing products for the healthcare system. 

We examine how businesses can assist patients or citizens in changing any inconvenient behavior related to illness or necessary lifestyle changes through the design of their products. 

We will work with the businesses’ knowledge of behavioral change theories to help them create or improve products in the future that consider any necessary behavioral changes. By doing this, they increase the likelihood that the product or solution will be implemented successfully, both health-wise and systemic-wise. 

Based on the same knowledge, we will test new collaboration models between the healthcare system, companies, and other relevant players. We will look at the potential of new roles a company could have in product development and implementation collaboration with the healthcare system. With changed roles, you can remove behavioral barriers right from the beginning, both in purely organizational terms and in relation to the practical execution of tasks. 

The goal of the project is to implement an accelerated development process aimed at specific products. Through a practical course, the companies gain knowledge about the theoretical basis for behavioral change and then they work to incorporate this into the design of the product and implementation process. 

Project partners in Health-related behavioral change: 

Companies participating: 

  • Emento 
  • Brain+
  • digirehab
  • 4Mvideo 

Hospitals and knowledge institutions that participate: 

  • Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) 


In Circular Co-Creation, the companies form legally binding innovation collaborations. In each innovation collaboration, at least three small companies and one knowledge institution will participate and work together to develop and test a new concept or prototype for a new solution or product for the healthcare system.