Aspects of Data Protection – Next Generation Sequencing

How do you approach the Law in relation to Collaboration between Public and Private Actors in relation to Next Generation Sequencing?

Join this NGS Tech Network-event and get insights of the aspects of Data Protection of Collaboration between Public and Private Actors. Learn more about a national platform for sharing and analyzing microbiological WGS data and network with fellow Companies and Scientists.

The event will be held at the company Bioneer.


14.00–14.05: Welcome and introduction
Christian Clausen, CSO, Bioneer

14.05–14.20: Using NGS to validate and analyze 3D-cancer in vitro models developed for anti-cancer drug screening.
Kim Holmstrøm, PhD, Principal Scientist, Bioneer

14.20–14.55: Aspects of Data Protection of Collaboration between Public and Private Actors
Johan Leonhard, Advokat (L), Partner, Nyborg & Rørdam Advokatfirma P/S

14.55–15.25: Network and Tour

15.25–15.55: Building Public Health WGS Capacity across EU Countries and Development of IT and Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Data Sharing in Denmark.
Lars Villiam Pallesen, Director – PhD, Statens Serum Institut

15.55–16.30: Network and Tour

16.30: Thank you for coming!

There may occur alterations in the above mentioned program.

This event is in English.

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