INNAXE: Inclusive and Aligned Innovation Agendas Across Europe

The Horizon Europe (EIE) INNAXE project brings together a consortium of 6 cluster organisations to dynamise and accelerate the Life Sciences and Healthtech innovation community. What is the impact of our support and services to our ecosystem? Does the support given to industry/academia meet their expectations? What are the high impact trends on a European level? How do we reinforce our innovation capacities?

INNAXE will address these questions!

INNAXE aims to:

  • strengthen interconnection and foster open dialogue amongst European innovation ecosystems
  • increase their efficiency and innovation capacities
  • produce a joint long-term programme (Joint Action Plan) to overcome current fragmentation in innovation capacities

To reach these objectives, several activities will be carried out:

1. Intra- and inter ecosystem Assessment

The consortium will develop indicators to assess the impact of actions and services that cluster organisations conduct and a methodology for benchmarking with other clusters.  The main activities of the Intra- and Inter-ecosystem Assessment will consist in the pooling of best practices, impact assessments and a cluster benchmark to widen scope.

Assessment guidelines and a White Paper on Trends will be delivered and will be amongst the resources used for the drafting of the Joint Future Agenda for Innovation.

2. Connect and Scale-Up

The Joint Future Agenda for Innovation will be validated with the inputs of industry, academia, policymakers and society, the so-called quadruple helix. This will include surveys to industry and academia players, activities with the quadruple helix and meetings with opinion leaders.

The strategy proposals to the above-mentioned actors in each partner’s ecosystem will contribute to INNAXE’s ambition in the alignment of agendas across Europe.

3. Definition of Joint programme & Implementation plan 

Through the valuable input gathered and cocreated in the Ecosystem Assessment and the Connect and Scale-up phases, the consortium will have strong grounds to draft a finalized version of the Joint Future Agenda for Innovation based on field needs.

An implementation plan will also be worked upon in order prepare grounds and maximise impact. The Definitive version of the Joint Programme, the Implementation Plan and the publishable executive summary of the Joint programme and Action Plan will be delivered.

Innate Executive Summary

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European survey from INNAXE

The INNAXE consortium has conducted a European study to analyze impactful actions taken for the benefit of our ecosystems. See the results of the analysis ‘Guidelines for ecosystem monitoring, benchmarking, and impact evaluation results’ in the guide below.

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INNAXE partners

VIDEO: What is your viewpoint on the added value for European inter-cluster collaborations for the health and life science ecosystem?

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The project is co-funded by the European Union.