Innovation Program 23-24: Life Science and Welfare Technology

This innovation program seeks to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of companies – especially SMEs – by fostering collaboration on innovation and knowledge sharing among knowledge institutions, companies, and other stakeholders in the life science industry.

Excellent growth and competitive conditions for SMEs

The purpose of the project is divided into two. On one side, it supports Danish Life Science Cluster’s work to create growth- and competition conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the life science and welfare technology industry.

Better and equal health for all

On the other side, does the Danish health- and welfare system face major demographic and health challenges with an increasingly ageing population, more chroniclers, a declining workforce, and at the same time maintaining the quality of healthcare for the individual citizen or patient. Developing and implementing innovative technologies is a significant factor in solving these health challenges.

Close public-private cooperation and interaction

Therefore, does the technological development require close public-private cooperation and interaction. The innovative companies that develop the new technologies must be close to the needs of the municipalities and hospitals so that the technologies are targeted at healthcare operations. Hospitals and municipalities need to gain insight into the technological potential, but also knowledge and network with companies with relevant products and services.

Activities in the project

With the project, Innovation Program 23-24: Life Science and Welfare Technology, the cluster initiates a number of activities to support and expand public-private collaboration:

  • Conferences – new knowledge and trends are communicated between companies and public actors. Here, it is possible to meet the next collaborator.
  • Focused network and matchmaking – focuses on making collaborative relationships stronger. The networks are either targeted at the development of specific technologies for hospitals and municipalities. The networks can also be based on a specific problem from the health sector, which a specific public-private collaboration can be based on.
  • Collaborative network – creates concrete collaboration forums between companies, municipalities, and hospitals, where companies can get input on concepts for new products or services. It can also be feedback on existing products that needs to be adapted to a new customer or sector. Participants from municipalities or hospitals will gain a better insight into the technologies that can optimize the treatment of patients/citizens or the work of healthcare workers.
  • Booster Board – expert panels of companies, municipalities and hospitals provide concrete feedback on technologies adapted to municipalities or hospitals.

Project Mission

  • Insight into the needs of the public health sector and better knowledge of the technologies that can help solve the major health challenges.
  • Network between companies and potential collaboration partners in municipalities and hospitals
  • Specific knowledge that can provide better conditions for sales and implementation of products within the area of life science and welfare technology.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.