SDG Landing Pad-program for Danish SMEs and start-ups

The pilot project “SDG Landing Pad-program for Danish SMEs and start-ups” helps Danish SMEs and startups to develop measurable SDG-directed tech solutions through international research collaboration and in the long term open new market opportunities.

The SDGs and sustainability are at the top of the political agenda in European countries. In this pilot project, the focus on the SDG’s is combined with internationalization. Many companies are focused on internationalization, but the question is frequently when and how this is best accomplished.  

The pilot project “Innovation Center Denmark – SDG landing pad-program for Danish SMEs and start-ups” combines the internationalization of Danish SME’s and start-ups with the promotion of the SDG’s on a global scale. 

The purpose of the pilot project is to encourage Danish SME’s and start-ups to develop internationally demanded and measurable SDG-focused technological solutions through international research collaboration, and thereby creating long-term market opportunities. Thus, the internationalization of Danish companies is integrated in the SDGs’ strategy. 

This must also extend the landing pad program’s knowledge collection about internationalisation and networks from the activities of the landing pad program to the other clusters.  

The project’s activities

  • Development of a digital catalog with concrete SDG challenges  
  • Concretizing demand-driven SDG innovation initiatives 
  • Tailoring internationalization strategies for participating companies 
  • An internationalization academy 

The selected participating companies will have the opportunity to work on a challenge/problem given by a company from either Israel, China or the United States. Therefore, different organizations in different countries will pose various challenges.  

Regardless of whether the challenge involves data or physical product, the focus will be primarily on innovation and development. 

As a selected company, you work closely with the foreign company, e.g. by staying longer in the country in question to sipport the possibility of developing a close collaboration, product, as well as establishing an international network and becoming familiar with the work culture of the country. 

The project’s value proposition 

  • Work on challenges posed by a foreign company  
  • Knowledge about different structures, strategies and working methods in the respective country 
  • Understanding of barriers and challenges in cross-border cooperation though international company stays.  

The purpose of the project is to give companies the opportunity to develop their product on an international market alongside an international challenger. You are offered the chance to develop the product for an larger market and gain a deeper understanding of the international market. 

Moreover, the participating companies gets to establish international networks and gain access international development partners in the private sector, knowledge institutions, investors, tech alliances and talents. 

This will be achieved through collaboration with Innovation Center Denmark and a strong anchoring in clusters, to the benefit of Danish impact-companies. 


  • Danish Life Science Cluster 
  • Clean 
  • Digitallead 
  • Ministry of Higher Education and Science 
  • The Danish Industry Foundation 
  • Rethink 
  • Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK)