Strengthened Danish participation in Horizon Europe through knowledge and business clusters

Through the project, Danish Life Science Cluster supports the internationalisation of Danish companies through participation in international research and innovation projects, including in particular the Horizon Europe program, with a focus on translating new knowledge into value, especially for companies in Denmark.

Denmark was the second-best country in Europe at attracting research and innovation funding from Horizon 2020, which can be attributed to the capacity of research institutions to attract funding from the program. In contrast, the participation of Danish companies in Horizon 2020 was lower than the European average.

Through the Horizon Europe program, the Danish Life Science Cluster will create direct value for the participating companies and researchers.

Project activities

Through Horizon Europe, we want to develop activities to support companies’ direct access to EU funding. To achieve this, we want to work with the regional EU offices and Eurocenter DK to identify programs that are relevant to companies
The activities are expected to fall under the four points below:

  1. Development of activities that support companies’ direct access to EU funding, especially in Horizon Europe.
  2. Knowledge institutions’ involvement of companies in Horizon Europe
  3. Cluster to cluster cooperation in Horizon Europe
  4. European Partnership for Personalized Medicine

The project uses the cluster’s neutral position of close collaboration with the knowledge bridge staff at 6 Danish universities to make it easier for companies and researchers to find each other and enter into collaborations where the focus is on professionalism.

Project value proposition

The four described activity pillars are expected to create a long-term effect in the form of attractive offers that strengthen companies’ knowledge and access to researchers and to the opportunities in Horizon Europe. The pilot project explores the possibility of creating a tailor-made course that supports innovation-ready SMEs to apply for the EIC program.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.