Key elements in the sustainable development of AI-based diagnostic solutions

AI in the healthcare sector – how can you as a company, hospital or researcher unlock the great potential and break down the barriers in developing and implementing AI technologies? Join the CAIDX webinar series on the development of AI-Based Diagnostics, learn about different subjects and ask the experts.

What are the possibilities of IPR for AI and the use of patient data? Where can I find professional sparring, when developing AI solutions to the healthcare sector? What will change with the new AI legislation?

Through the first four webinars we will take you through central pain points and opportunities for the development of AI diagnostic solutions for both the companies developing the solutions, the hospitals and researchers.

The webinars are in English.

Q&A – Meet the experts

For each webinar you meet Danish and international experts talking about relevant subjects:

WEBINAR 1 – 11. March 2024

IPR (intellectual property rights) in relation to AI and the use of patient data

– Can AI be patented not? The answer to this is a big “YES. BUT there are things you need to consider and be aware off.


  •  Jørgen Møller, CEO, Patentgruppen, Denmark and European Patent
  •  Jens Jeppesen, Design attorney, Patentgruppen, Denmark

WEBINAR 2 – 15. March 2024

Where can you find professional sparring, when developing AI diagnostic solutions to the healthcare sector?

Examples from AI-Boost:  

  1. design interventions that can build use between AI solutions and adoption in clinical everyday life
  2. validation of data and models – integration of AI solutions in workflow


  • Tariq Osman Andersen, Copenhagen University, Denmark
  • Tomasz Prytula, Alexandra Institute, Denmark

WEBINAR 3 – 18. March 2024

The coming AI legislation – will change everything..

… or will everything change? Get insights to the changes that the New AI legislation will bring – and how it interacts with the MDR.


  • Sandra Liede, Senior Legal Specialist, Healthtech Finland
  • Dr. Oliver Eidel,

WEBINAR 4 – 25. March 2024

Clinical validation of AI diagnostics solutions. Cross-talk between clinicians and AI scientists – “scouting tour”

This webinar focus on effective implementation of AI in the radiological workflow. Which clinical questions are challenged and put into practice? And how can you be better prepared for regulatory hurdles?


  • Kicky Van Leuven, AI radiology specialist, Diagnostic Image Analysis Group, The Netherlands
  • Mikael Ploug Boesen, Professor, Institute for Clinical Medicine University of Copenhagen, and The Capital Region.

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