Company gets help from knowledge institution for analyses and tests – pool for new research collaborations is open

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The company Wincrowns has a promising idea, and FORCE Technology has the expertise and technology to develop and test the right material for the idea. Now, that they have gotten funds, they will jointly optimize the new healthcare solution. The pool is now open for new knowledge bridge initiatives between companies and knowledge institutions in Danish Life Science Cluster.

Without help from a research institution, Keld Nielsen’s solution would not be ready to enter the market.

– We simply do not have the necessary expertise and tools to get our solution to the goal – therefore a collaboration is crucial for us, CEO of the company Wincrowns ApS, Keld Nielsen, says.

Keld Nielsen and Wincrowns are currently engaging in a knowledge bridge project in Danish Life Science Cluster, in which FORCE Technology. Provides guidance and feedback. Together, Wincrowns  ApS and FORCE Technology have applied for funding to further develop, strengthen and document the impact of Wincrowns’ ready-made inexpensive and sustainable dental crowns.

Means of cooperation between company and knowledge institution

FORCE Technology received DKK 249,000 for the knowledge bridge project with Wincrowns. Keld Nielsen’s company needs FORCE’s analyses and technical expertise to develop a special dental crown of the material zirconia.

According to the company, the new dental crowns will be significantly cheaper than the existing dental crowns on the market, and they will be easier to mount on the patient’s teeth because Wincrowns has developed a completely new solution for this.

The project also involves the company Scan-Form Værktøjsfabrik ApS, which helps with injection molding. A dentist has provided the dental advice.

Erik Stieper Brok (left), analysis specialist at FORCE Technology will help Keld Nielsen create cheap sustainable dental crowns.

Helping companies on their way to innovation

Erik Stieper Brok is a physicist and analysis specialist at FORCE Technology, and he looks forward to helping develop Keld Nielsen’s idea further.

“One of our most important tasks as GTS (Approved Technological Service Institute) is to assist SMEs with advanced technology and specialist knowledge so they can create innovative solutions. Wincrowns’ solution has strong international potential, and it is interesting for us to try to help the idea owners, who are often inventive enthusiasts, to a useful value-creating solution, Erik Stieper Brok says.

Great cooperation between company and knowledge institution

One of the challenges that FORCE Technology will help Keld Nielsen with, is the dewaxing process of the material from which the new dental crowns will be produced, so it is durable enough to serve as a dental crown for a lifetime.

“We had a successful process with Wincrowns, where we analyzed the company’s work and their challenges in collaboration. Among other things, we made X-rays of the dental crowns to see how any manufacturing faults occur. Erik Stieper Brok explains that we then can determine which temperature analyses of the heat treatments are needed, and which temperature profile produces the desired result.

New dental crowns to provide more equality in health
Social equality can be depicted in the teeth and in addition, poor dental health also reduces the quality of life according to a study completed by the Danish Dental Association and Epinion in 2020.

Keld Nielsen’s hope for Wincrowns’ new dental crowns is that they can create more equality in health as low-income patients can afford them both in Denmark and the third world.

Open call – apply for funding for collaboration

Danish Life Science Cluster runs a project “Innovationskraft” that builds bridges between companies and knowledge institutions. Wincrowns and FORCE Technology have received funding from the project’s Collaborative Projects (pool 2).

The funds will cover the work of translating specialized knowledge into new solutions, and the project aims to strengthen innovation and growth potential through collaboration between knowledge institutions and companies.

“Danish knowledge institutions contain so much unique knowledge. At the same time, we have a huge industry with startups and SMEs that need expertise for them to offer new solutions that can meet the challenges of the health sector. Therefore, we look forward to supporting new relationships between companies and knowledge institutions, which together can create innovation, Programme Manager for Research and Commercialization, Jane Nøhr, says.

For more information, please contact our Chief Consultant.

The project is funded by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science (UFS).

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