Recommendations on medication management on the way – experiences and knowledge are collected from municipalities throughout the country

Fotos fra medicinnetværkets møde i Ballerup i foråret 2023.

The network for medicine management in the Danish Life Science Cluster is working to collect several recommendations on how to best obtain value in the field of medicine. Municipalities and suppliers from all over the country contribute with experience and knowledge. Come and be part of the medication management network.

There is agreement that when digital medicine management works, it is a gain for both employees and citizens. But the area is complex with many different solutions, needs, and incentives to create success.

That is why the Network for Medicine Management has set out to gather experience from municipalities, suppliers, and other players from all over the country to create a series of recommendations or a “white paper” that can be used by everyone.

– We must all be able to benefit from the gems that the individual municipalities create. There is no reason for all 98 municipalities to undergo the same search, which is why we have assembled the network to hear the many good experiences and learnings that both private companies and the public sector have created, says Niels Christian Ganderup, Copenhagen Capacity.

He is part of the advisory board in the network, which is behind the gathering of experience.

First national network meeting

The network for medication management originates from the Central Jutland Region, where it has lived with both public and private participants for a series of years. However, there has been a great demand to expand the network to include municipalities from the rest of the country. Therefore, Danish Life Science Cluster recently held a hybrid network meeting in collaboration with Atea, where participants and presenters were from Atea’s premises in Aarhus and Ballerup respectively. All presentations were live-streamed, and the participants took part in various workshops locally.

We must share our experiences to improve

Mette Stampe, Service Delivery Manager at Atea has ongoing contact with the municipalities in connection with their medication management solutions, and as an organizer of the network meeting, she was pleased to see the amount of knowledge sharing.

– We must meet at these kinds of events to make each other good. We all get better from learning from the past – to the benefit of the citizens, said Mette Stampe, among other things.

The first experiences from the network include:

  • Set aside time for the implementation and operation of medication solutions. It is a permanent task that must be kept up to date.
  • One size does NOT fit all. You have to find the right medication solution for each citizen group.
  • Be prepared for the frontline staff to spend time away from the citizen when solutions have to be implemented and maintained.
  • Compliance is best when solutions fit into the citizen’s everyday life. If the citizen possibly must continue with other offers, the solution must be able to keep up.

Join our next meeting on the 5th of September, from 13.00-14.30, which is held online.

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