CAIDX – Clinical AI-based Diagnostics

CAIDX – Clinical AI-based Diagnostics acts as a link between artificial intelligence suppliers and healthcare institutions. The aim is to help healthcare professionals integrate AI into their work and thereby improve diagnosis and treatment.

Digitalization is growing rapidly across all sectors, including the healthcare sector. These developments have the potential to, among others, strengthen digital decision support and improve resilience and the ability of the healthcare sector to respond quickly. Although many AI and data-driven technologies have been developed, their implementation and application are difficult for several reasons:

  • The industry is developing AI solutions that are not in demand among clinicians
  • Lack of legal expertise in hospitals
  • Lack of support for the development and integration of the technologies to existing IT platforms
  • Staff are not trained for the implementation and application of the technologies
Based on these challenges, the project CAIDX – Clinical AI-based Diagnostics has been established. The vision is to break down the barriers and create a new way for the implementation and application of AI in the healthcare sector. The project has been taken over and is led by Innovation Clinic, Aalborg University Hospital.

Purpose of the project

CAIDX wants to create the conditions for easier implementation of AI and data-driven technologies in hospitals by developing standard procedures for the development, testing and implementation of AI tools. The project’s solution will improve and support the cultural change needed to unfold the potential of AI in the healthcare sector.

Project activities

  • Promote AI adoption: By developing standard operating procedures and guidelines, CAIDX will facilitate access to AI-based diagnostic solutions for healthcare institutions. This will accelerate the adoption of AI technologies that can improve and streamline diagnostic processes and patient care.
  • Collaboration between AI providers and healthcare institutions: CAIDX will act as a liaison between AI providers and healthcare institutions. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, the project ensures that AI solutions are developed with a real focus on clinicians’ needs and issues.
  • Capacity building and training: The project offers training activities and tools for healthcare professionals and clinicians. These tools will help enable staff to understand, apply and benefit from AI solutions in their daily work.
  • Regulatory Process Framework: CAIDX will establish a regulatory process framework for AI-based healthcare technologies that ensures compliance with relevant laws and standards.

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The value proposition of the project

Among other things, the following shall be developed:

  • Activities, to build competencies to support target groups in identifying the most suitable solutions for their own needs.
  • Training activities with practical applications and online modules, which are a cost-effective way to offer high-quality, accessible, interactive training at all levels.
  • Toolbox with training and guidance activities that will increase users’ confidence in the developed solutions.
  • Communication material with information about the training opportunities to increase the target group’s awareness of the available training tools.

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The project is co-funded by the European Union.