Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp

Gain valuable expertise and network in the UK and establish the groundwork for a knowledge-based export strategy. Attend Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp; A unique offer for 20 Nordic health technology companies seeking to enter the UK market.

Nordic clusters and UK partners collaborate to offer Nordic companies the opportunity to become part of the accelerator programme: Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp.

The purpose of the course is to give companies from all over the Nordic region a week filled with masterclasses, workshops and networking events. Participants will learn more about how the NHS works, the framework for finance and procurement, regulatory requirements and supplier regulations, the development of evidence-based value propositions and reimbursement models in the UK system.

2 x Boot Camp

The course will run twice during the project’s lifetime and will give a total of 20 Nordic companies (divided into two boot camps) the opportunity to participate in the boot camp.

Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp is for Nordic health technology companies that want to enter the UK market, but lack knowledge and networking in the UK. After participating in the course, the companies will have a solid foundation to create a knowledge-based export strategy to introduce their solution to the UK market.

The British partner in the project, Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), has been organising the Propeller accelerator programme since 2019, and had great success through, for example, a similar process with US companies.

Where does it take place?

The bootcamp takes place in Leeds, a city with a strong HealthTech and life science sector. Over 22% of the UK’s digital health jobs are based in the region and 600 regional companies provide products and services to the healthcare sector.

The Leeds ecosystem includes:

  • 27 NHS organisations, including national bodies such as NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHS Digital, NHSX, Public Health England, Health Education England and NHS Leadership Academy
  • 11 higher education institutions
  • 250 MedTech companies and 65 dedicated digital healthcare companies
  • 196,000 people are employed in health and life science roles

Benefits of joining this project

  • Insight into the needs of the healthcare sector in the UK
  • Attending the bootcamp in Leeds is equivalent to conducting six months of market research.
  • Opportunity to create a solid network in the UK

Activities in the project

  • Introwebinar to the course x 2
  • Bootcamp in Leeds x 2