TVAERSPOR is a cross-sectorial collaborative project that aims to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of the patients’ inconvenient hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations so that a targeted effort and improvement of the patient process can be made.

The research project started in 2017 and now serves as the basis for projects that create more individualized treatment plans, improve disease prevention, and develop and implement decision support models for the healthcare system. 

This will benefit both citizens and clinicians, and moreover, contribute to a proactive healthcare system in the future. 

The vision behind TVAERSPOR is to further develop a cross-sectorial data cohort that will serve as the preferred data source for researchers and innovators. TVAERSPOR form the basis for both AI and traditional epidemiological projects that adds knowledge to the prevention of inconvenient hospitalization at the highest international level. 

Practical information  

TVAERSPOR started by connecting data across sectors consisting of 220,000 citizens over the age of 18 years residing in Horsens, Hedensted, Skanderborg and Odder. Since then, TVAERSPOR has expanded to include health data from all sectors for all citizens in the Central Jutland region. 

To make this possible, we have developed a security model with legal authority, an IT infrastructure, and the modelling of multiple data sources. 

Access to data 

You can apply for access to TVAERSPOR’s health data platform if you have a research or innovation project that can improve cross-sectoral efforts.  

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  • The Regional Hospital in Horsens 
  • Horsens Municipality 
  • Hedensted Municipality 
  • Odder Municipality 
  • Skanderborg Municipality 
  • Aarhus University