New days – The Future of The Senior Life

The future of the senior life is an experimental, concrete, and co-creative initiative whose goal is to act on the future. Future scenarios are used to discover new markets, develop new approaches and co-create future healthcare solutions. 

In the coming decades, we will see a significant increase in the proportion of seniors. Up to 30 percent of the Danish population will be over the age of 66 years old by 2060. 

The demographic development will necessitate a significant change and readjustment of the welfare service we have and know today. 

How will the world change over the next three decades? What will the future of the senior life look like? Can we insist on more value? Will the seniors be a necessary and strong resource that we must and will mobilize? 

The purpose 

The aim of the Danish project, New days – Future of The Senior Life, is to: 

  • Develop a systematic practice to look ahead and scan the horizon for signals of change within the field of the elderly 
  • Develop new types of dialogues and ambitions at a strategic and practical level with the aim of ensuring transformation and anchoring in the field of the elderly 
  • Acquire methods to work actively, curiously and experimentally with the elderly life of the future  
  • Initiate new collaborations across private and public organizations and together discover new opportunities, services and products 

Download: New days – Concept description of the future senior life (PDF in Danish)

The partnership 

  • Danish Design Center (lead) 
  •  Danish Life Science Cluster 
  • Mandag Morgen (Danish media company) 
  • Aalborg municipality 
  • Aarhus municipality 
  • Gladsaxe municipality
  • Copenhagen municipality
  • Region of Southern Denmark 


The project is financed by the partnership. As a partner in the project, you are part of the entire partnership who determine the initiative’s direction and make the fundamental and necessary decisions throughout the whole process.