Kom med, når Relevent afholder den årlige konference AI & BIG DATA. Danish Life Science Cluster er partner på dette event, hvor erfarne danske og internationale talere har forberedt case-præsentationer fra AI- og life science branchen om praktiske erfaringer og brugbare værktøjer.

(This event is in English)

AI & BIG DATA – LIFE SCIENCE is an annual conference on the practical experiences of the life science sector – a meeting place for the sector to network, share experiences, and get updated.

It’s all about the practical challenges related to AI & BIG DATA:

  • HOW to optimize the use of data?
  • WHERE to identify the opportunities?
  • HOW to work with AI and BIG DATA in practice – from the early stages of development to when new products reach the market?


09:00 Welcome w/Partner Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn, Bech-Bruun

09:05 Rethink physical process w/Partner NewTech Michael Birkebæk Jensen, KPMG

In this session, we will hear about how the New- Practice methodology and cutting edge technology can be used to rethink physical processes with a special focus on quality control and warehousing.

09:35 Rethinking raw material traceability through new practice at Novo Nordisk w/ Business Development Manager, Daniel Thulstrup, Strategy & Business Development, Novo Nordisk

10:05 Networking break

10:20 Accelerating scientific discoveries with explainable AI w/ Bioinformatician Lykke Pedersen, Abzu & Bioinformatician Samuel Demharter, Abzu

Data has the potential to lead to knowledge. But how do we best extract knowledge from data? Explainable AI holds the promise of delivering predictions that are understandable to the human mind. In this talk, we present how we use xAI to reveal insights regarding drug discovery and biomarker identification. We show what it means to have simple non-linear models that reveal otherwise hidden relationships in your data. Tune in to see how Abzu is pushing the boundar- ies of its unique technology to bring us closer to the promise of precision medicine.

11:00 Fact – fast access to clinical trial insights w/ Senior Director, Digital Transformation Søren Klim, Novo Nordisk A/S Manager, Biostatistics Aalborg 1 &  Steffen Nørgaard Vangsgaard, Novo Nordisk A/S

11:35 Short break

11:45 Use of real world data with AI across the product life cycle w/ Predictive analytics and genomics, EMEA Lead Ashley Pitcher, IQVIA

12:15 Lunch and time to network

13:15 Code to save lives w/ Founder & CEO Daniel Gewecke Daugaard, Dawn Health

13:50 Rait w/ Project Manager Charlotte Trap-Kinberg, RAIT (Radiological Artificial Intelligence Testcenter)

14:20 Networking break

14:35 Infusing clinical intelligence at the point of imaging w/CEO Robert Lauritzen, Cerebriu

15:05 Artificial intelligence for drug safety / Side effects processing – What is possible today? w/CEO Martin Holm-Petersen, Insife

Drug side effect reporting is a massive undertaking for Pharmaceutical companies and Regulatory agencies. Lately, with global COVID-19 vaccine programs, further impact on side effect volumes have been experienced. Using advanced automation such as artificial intelligence is a promising way to cope more efficiently with work-loads, but here a number of challenges are to be tackled.

15:40 Networking Break

15:50 Quantifying uncertainty on machine learning-based predictive biomarker discovery w/Associate Director in Data Science Kostas Sechidis, Novartis

One of the key challenges of personalized medicine is to identify which patients will respond positively to a given treatment. The area of subgroup identification focuses on this challenge, that is, identifying groups of patients that experience desirable characteristics, such as an enhanced treatment effect. A crucial first step towards the subgroup identification is to identify the baseline variables (eg, biomarkers) that influence the treatment effect, which is known as predictive biomarkers. Many machine learning algorithms for subgroup discovery algorithms return importance scores that capture the variables’ predictive strength. However, a major limitation of these scores is that they do not answer the core question: “Which variables are actually predictive?” In this talk, we answer this question by using the knockoff framework.

16:25 The transformative potential of large scale medication usage data on chronic care outcomes w/Vice President Digital Health Søren Smed Østergaard, Novo Nordisk A/S

In this session, taking point of departure an a real life example from a Swedish study in diabetes, we outline how the passive collection and usage of medication usage data, correlated to other relevant data sets could have the potential to change dare delivery, by facilitating better, more productive conversations at point of care as well as create the foundation for digital therapeutic solutions that can set the bar higher for realized health outcomes to the benefit of people living with chronic diseases and society.

16:30 Closing remarks w/Partner Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn, Bech-Bruun

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