Brew Your Own – Build, test, repeat CANCELLED

Brew your own

Besøg én af de bedste testfaciliteter for medtech og caretech i Europa. Her får du indblik i, hvordan du som del af en startup kan bruge fablabs og makerspaces. Lær også mere om værktøjer og materialer til udviklingen af gode prototyper.

The event has unfortunately been cancelled.


Do’s and don’ts of prototyping. Tips and tricks for planning, preparing and executing your building phase. A guided tour of House of Practice and Innovation at Københavns Professionshøjskole, which may be the most advanced facility for testing products and services for the health and care sector.


  • Annette Vogelsang Rieva, business consultant, Mette Ernst, lecturer, and innovation consultant Jakob Hedegaard, prototyping consultant, House of Practice and Innovation.

Prototyping or PREtotyping. Build early, test soon, ask users and get a good product/market fit.

House of Practice and Innovation is an advanced facility for simulation and testing products and services for the health- and care sector. It is operated by University College Copenhagen (KP).


  • Erik Müller, owner, Futation and

Cutting edge materials and processes for fast prototyping. Experience hand-mouldable plastics, a machinable ceramic, novel 3D-printed materials, and much more.

Futation, is a material library and subscription service and Material sample shop a mail order boutique for hard-to-find materials.


  • Malte Hertz Jansen, Managing Director, Maker.

Physical product start-ups. Develop your product and scale your business in a creative and curious community with the help of Maker and the community of physical entrepreneurs.

Maker is an association for physical-product entrepreneurship. They run Viadukten which is a makerspace for entrepreneurs with ideas for tech hardware and other products with a physical aspect.

  • Karl-Emil Nielsen, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Workshop, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Print your prototype. What is the history and principles of the most common 3D printing processes? Which 3D-print technology to use for the task. When to use subcontractors instead of buying your own printer. 

Mechanical Workshop Niels Bohr Institute builds the scientific instruments that researchers at UCPH SCIENCE cannot buy.


Moderator: Jes Andersen, communication and talent attraction, Copenhagen Science City.


Does your start-up need to hire? Do you need a commercial collaborator for your research project? Are you lookng for a co-founder? Or do you just need advice about the best lawyer, accountant, pizza parlour? Step up to our “Open Microphone” or mingle with peers during our beverage-tasting-session.

Brew Your Own is an event series for startups and students interested in entrepreneurship organized in collaboration with Copenhagen Science City.