NGS Tech Network Event: NGS in Diagnostics and Therapeutics

NGS Tech Network event Danish Life Science Cluster

Få indblik i de nyeste, mest innovative tendenser indenfor Next Generation Sequencing. Dette event i NGS Tech netværket sætter fokus på diagnostik og behandling, herunder nye tilgange til RNA sekvensanalyse. Hør en række spændende oplæg og netværk med andre NGS-interesserede indenfor både grundforskning, klinikken, samt små og store virksomheder.

This event is in English.

Come join your next-generation sequencing (NGS) peers in research and innovation.
The NGS tech Network invites to an event centered around diagnostics and treatment, with talks focusing (mainly, but not solely) on RNA sequence analysis.

In recent years NGS has transitioned from research to clinical use and more hospitals have central NGS units that serve as a platform for NGS to be part of the clinical routine. With the emergence of RNA sequencing, many novel types of RNA have been discovered using exploratory high-throughput sequencing, with the potential to act as a diagnostic marker or therapeutic targets. In 2018 the first RNAi-based drug was approved by the FDA, the second in 2020 and the two first-to-market corona vaccines were RNA-based. Consequently, there is an increased interest in RNA medicine.

Apart from amazing talks by a range of NGS frontiers, you will have time to meet and network with fellow NGS enthusiasts while enjoying a glass of bubbles and a little snack.

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14:30     Doors Open & Networking.

15:00     Reversal of the physiological and transcriptomic features of myotonic dystrophy with an RNA-targeting CRISPR gene therapy
David A. Nelles, PhD, Serial entrepreneur, CEO & Chief Scientist, U1 Bio Inc., CA, USA

15:20     Application of NGS to cell-based non-invasive prenatal testing (cbNIPT)
Jakob Hedegaard, PhD, Sr. Clinical Application Manager, ARCEDI, Aarhus, Denmark

15:40     Break

16:10     Navigating the RNA world. Nanopore long-read sequencing – AptaShape – Exosomes – Spartial omics sequencing
Jørgen Kjems, PhD, Professor. iNANO, Aarhus University, Denmark

16:30     Novel RNA-seq Platform for mRNA Vaccine Development and Treatment Decisions to Improve Outcome
Gitte Pedersen, PhD, CEO & co-founder Genomic Expression, Beverly, MA, USA

16:50     Sequencing in clinical settings
Ole H. Larsen, PhD, Chief Physician, Dept. of Molecular Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

17:00     Networking and refreshments

This is a hybrid event and therefore possible to participate online in the part of the program.

This event is organized by:

  • Susanne Trillingsgaard Venø, CEO, Omiics
  • Signe Ulrik Holm, Consultant, Danish Life Science Cluster
  • Jane Nøhr, Program Leader, Danish Life Science Cluster

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Photo: National Cancer Institute/Unsplash