NGS Tech Network kick-off event: Advancements in input applications – from soil to CSF

kick-off NGS netværk

Arbejder du med NGS Technology og vil skubbe teknologien til næste niveau? Vær med til kick-off af det nye NGS Tech Netværk og få inspiration, ny viden og diskuter NGS udfordringer med forskere, udviklere og virksomheder.

(This event will be in English)

Are you working with NGS Technology and looking for inspiration to push the technology to the next level?

Join this kick-off event to get inspiration on the use of novel materials when designing new approaches in NGS analysis, from research professional working with everything from CNS fluids, soil samples and more.

Get inspired, gain new knowledge, and discuss NGS challenges. Moreover, get to know your fellow national NGS enthusiasts and be part of setting the future agenda in the Danish NGS Tech Network.

This new NGS Tech Network brings companies and researchers together to inspire and trouble-shoot on all kind of challenges related to NGS Technology.

It is possible to participate online in part of the event programme.


  • NGS solutions for culture-free profiling of the bacteria and fungi in soil and environmental samples, Louise Bruun Thingholm, CEO, Biomcare, Aarhus
  • NGS for biomarker discovery in liquid biopsies, including bile, CSF and plasma, Morten Trillingsgaard Venø, CTO, Omiics, Aarhus 
  • Applications of advanced transcriptomics in pre-clinical research, Mikkel Christensen-Dalsgaard, Senior Research Scientist, GUBRA, Hørsholm 
  • NGS Tech Network exchange of ideas and brainstorm on future network activities.