The Future of HealthTech

Vær med når Innovation Centre Denmark i Silicon Valley afholder webinar-serien The Future of HealthTech. Mød ledere fra Silicon Valley, der vil dele deres perspektiver på fremtiden for HealthTech og give indsigt i nye og innovative måder, hvorpå teknologi og biologi smelter sammen og skaber nye spændende muligheder.

Disse events foregår på engelsk.

From AI and mobile apps to devices and implants- tech is driving innovation in healthcare and it is not only revolutionizing healthcare processes, it is transforming health innovation.

Join the four inspiring and insightful webinars where you will meet innovators in Silicon Valley who will share their perspectives on the future of health tech, providing new insights on how technology and biology are increasingly affecting each other and how it will influence our lives going forward. 

The webinars will take place each Thursday from October 21st to November 11th. 

Webinar 1 – HealthTech Innovation in SiliconValley

Rush Bartlett, a serial entrepreneur in the health tech space, will introduce the latest trends in the US HealthTech space and how the Biodesign approach can help you know what a good idea is when you see it. Join the webinar to learn about his user-centric approach to problem-solving and design thinking, and what hands-on recommendations he passes on to Danish innovators and entrepreneurs.

Date: Thursday 21st of October

Speaker: Rush Bartlett, Chief Product Officer, Lansinoh Laboratories

Time (CET): 16:00-17:00

Webinar 2 – Google´s approach to HealthTech

What is Google’s approach to healthcare and what are the tech giant’s future plans in the Health Techspace?

Join the webinar where you will meet Lily Peng who is at the forefront of Google’shealthcare business. Learn why Google takes a scientific approach in adopting technology and data to use in the life science space. Lily will also share insights into Google’s unique approach to innovation and development of products centered in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Date: Thursday 28th of October

Speaker: Lily Peng, Physician-Scientist and Product Manager, Google

Time (CET): 17:00-18:00

Webinar 3 – US market entry & FDA requirements

Understand what the FDA needs to allow market clearance for your medical device, including digital health products.  Join the webinar with Craig Coombs, an expert with more than 32 years of experience paving the regulatory pathways for traditional and innovative HealthTech solutions. 

Craig will cover how to build an innovative regulatory plan that will facilitate fund-raising and develop a realistic business plan, and how its execution will provide the easiest path to market release in the US. 

Date: Thursday 4th of November 

Speaker: Craig Coombs, President at Coombs, Medical Device Consulting

Time (CET): 16:00-17:00

Webinar 4 – Data & AI’s Role in Healthtech

At Stanford Innovation Lab, data scientists play a central role in the development of new solutions and take the lead on the computational side of developing groundbreaking healthcare innovation. Amir Bahmani, Director of Science and Technology at Stanford Innovation Lab, will dive into the close partnership between the data scientist and biologic researchers and give hands-on advice on how to get ahead and effectively leverage data in the innovative process.

Date: Thursday 11th of November 

Speaker: Amir Bahmani, Director of Science and Technology, Stanford Healthcare Innovation

Time (CET): 16:00-17:00

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