The Innovate NOW: Sweden Accelerate 2022

The Innovate NOW: Sweden Accelerate 2022 – Få hjælp til tilpasning af din digitale løsning til det svenske marked, pitch og feedback fra svenske eksperter. Tag med på en 3-dages tur til Stockholm.

The Innovate NOW: Sweden Accelerate 2022 in Stockholm is a collaboration between Danish Life Science Cluster and the Trade Council in Stockholm and will gather a delegation of Danish start-ups and SMEs to a 3 day program in Sweden.

Sweden Network Accelerate 2022 focuses on assisting Danish companies to quickly scope, navigate, understand and get a network in the Swedish private and public market and innovation system. In addition, special emphasis is placed on the technical adaption to the Swedish market of participating companies’ solutions. Among speakers will be important Swedish stakeholders such as Upphandlingsmyndigheten, Adda Inköpscentral, Karolinska Institute, Doctrin, CGI, and others.

The companies that participate should offer solutions within digital health.

Danish companies need a springboard to the Swedish market to understand and make use of opportunities in the market, projects, agendas and innovation structure that are open for Danish businesses in Sweden. At the same time this is meant to function as a platform to market Denmark and Danish strongholds to stakeholders, investors, and procurers in Sweden.

The objective of the market accelerator for SME’s are:

  • How to adapt a their business model and technology to the Swedish market, direct engagement with relevant authorities and advisors working with technical integration.
  • Learning how to adjust their pitch to and engage with Swedish stakeholders.
  • Pitch of solutions to relevant stakeholders and direct feedback from daily users and decision-makers.
  • Navigate and learn about the Swedish Health Tech ecosystem.
  • Creating and developing a solid network in Sweden, from innovation system, R&D, funding opportunities, financial, regulatory and legal experts, investors and public sector procurements channels and knowledge.
  • Danish companies who succeeded in Sweden – sharing success stories and biggest mistakes.

Tentative program:



For more information please contact Marco Thomas Lund.

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