Lighthouse Life Science | Healthy Weight

Denmark is to be a beacon that the rest of the world looks towards in life science and technological health solutions. Actors in the Capital Region of Denmark have joined forces in an innovative partnership with public and private actors as well as knowledge institutions. 

Lighthouse Life Science | Healthy Weight launches pilot projects to improve and increase health equity. Together, we will improve the health of citizens, increase the efficiency and quality of the healthcare system and strengthen the growth, employment, and exports of Danish companies. 

The projects are based in the Capital Region of Denmark and will eventually be extended to the whole country. The solutions can be used in several chronic disease areas and companies from across the country have the opportunity to participate in the projects. 

The first action of Lighthouse Life Science has been named ‘Healthy Weight’. The focus is on the development of new health solutions in life science and welfare technology that can prevent, detect and treat severe obesity. 

Healthy Weight is chosen as a pilot because severe obesity is one of the most significant risk factors for the development of chronic diseases, low well-being and quality of life, which are significant factors for social inequality and high costs for Danish society and globally. Early interventions and new cross-sectoral solutions will benefit people, healthcare systems and society. 

Development pool of DKK 16 million in 2022 

If you have an idea, concept, prototype or solution to solve a challenge in health inequalities, there is a pool of 16 million DKK waiting to be put to work in small and medium-sized companies across the country. 

Two types of projects are eligible for financial support: 

  1. Major development projects with a total budget of up to DKK 2,000,000. The grant rate is up to 75% of the budget, corresponding to a maximum grant amount of DKK 1,500,000. A total of DKK 14 million has been allocated for this type of project.
  2. Smaller fast-track projects in start-up or initial phases with the need for rapid testing and qualification. Funding of up to DKK 100,000 is available for this type of project.  

The funds in the pool can be used for the development, testing and adaptation of products and solutions that support greater health equity. It is important to note that it is a requirement that the finished product on which the projects are working towards, must contribute to greater equality in health or alleviate obesity. 

For more information 

You can read more about the Lighthouse Life Science | Healthy Weight on the partnership’s joint website.  

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Lighthouse Life Science | Healthy Weight is co-funded by the European Union as part of the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.